Take Advice from an Identity Theft Lawyer

Identity theft is quickly becoming one of the most serious and fastest growing crimes in the world. An idea that came from the internet and the use of computers, has graduated into many offline ways of obtaining and using personal information. The most common way to obtaining such information is through discarded ATM receipts and/or old bills that are paid with credit cards.

What can you do when you find that you are a Victim of Identity Fraud?

First of all you should act fast. In order to get the best possible advice, contact an identity theft lawyer. He or she will brief you regarding what and how things can be done to block all the attempts of further damage, as well as initiating legal action that would protect you from the ensuing liabilities. Both the actions are critical.

The identity theft lawyer will be the right person to give some critical advice which will save you a lot of trouble both in terms of time and money. The actions that you should initiate immediately after finding out about the identity theft are:

1. Urgently inform all three major credit agencies, so your credit could be stopped instantly.

2. Inform the police and complete the formalities required to declare identity theft. As the identity theft lawyer would inform you, this step would be of great help when liabilities come up as a result of the identity theft. Have a copy with you.

3. Take the police report and send it to ALL your creditors so they can stop credit instantly till things come back to normal.

4. Take the necessary steps to re-issue all your ID documents, such as driver’s license, passport, etc and have the report of identity theft recorded

5. Take the address or contact number of the Identity Theft Resource Center form your identity theft lawyer and inform them about the theft as well

6. Develop a consciously suspicious nature about anything and everything that tends to infringe into your privacy. People who are of a suspicious nature are less prone to fall prey to identity theft, because they are always alert regarding who and what is trying to obtain any information about them or from them.

Lastly, you should take the help of the identity theft lawyer and try tracking the thief, though this is a Herculean task. The people, who indulge in this type of fraud, are actually very intelligent and talented people who take much care not to leave tracks.

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