5 Critical Identity Theft Prevention Tips

Identity theft has become a burning issue all over the globe. Since the crime is not easy to detect, nor is the thief easy to catch, identity theft is one of the favorite past times of frauds today. Anybody can become a victim, at any point of time. Many people think that if they have been victim once, they will never be again. This is not a virus – you do not get resistance to it just because you had it once!

How Can You Prevent Identity Theft from Happening to You?

There are many identity theft prevention tips that people can use to remain safe to a large extent. Out of these, the following are some of the most critical identity theft prevention tips you can use.

1. Never ever throw personal letter in the trash. Use a shredder or tear the letter into extremely tiny pieces before disposing them off. The best would be to either shred them or burn them.

2. Never enter your credit card details online unless you see the lock sign on the lower right side of the screen and it is mentioned that it uses SSS technology. Unless you check for this, you might as well hand over your credit card to anyone on the street to use.

3. In case you will be away on vacation or business, inform and request the post office to hold on to your mail till you come and receive them yourself. Do not allow the letters to pile up in your box. This is the most common way for people to have their identities stolen.

4. Remember to destroy all receipts when you are in an ATM. Also, when you use these machines, take extra care to protect the keypad (when you key in your PIN) from prying eyes. This is one of the most important identity theft prevention tips since most of the information is gathered from the discarded transaction slips or receipts that are carelessly thrown in the dustbin of the ATM.

5. Have your credit reports checked periodically, every three to six months, so you can catch any suspicious transaction before it compounds into a major crime.

The above identity theft prevention tips are very critical to your safety, but are not exclusive. If fact the best possible identity theft prevention tip is to be alert and well informed about your financial status at all times.


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