Identity Theft Punishment Should be Fast and Severe

The person who survives an episode of identity theft will be able to tell you how horrifying it is (not to mention how unfair) to have to pay huge amounts of money for bills that someone else incurred and left you to take care of it. You feel violated, let down and down right disgusted to say the least. Many times you are left with the prospect of having to pay for long years for the extravagance of God-knows-who enjoyed your credit cards and bank accounts.

Is Present Day Identity Theft Punishment Sufficient to Send a Warning Signal to Others?

What is the maximum identity theft punishment that can be awarded to a perpetrator of this crime? It is usually a few months in jail, some fines and maybe some social work to do when on probation. However, is this really enough? Think of the person who has to pay for the debts incurred by this person (the guilty party) month after month for years; hard earned money that could have been used or enjoyed in other ways.

Such identity theft punishment does not scare away the would-be identity thieves. The punishment is mild, and the possibility to be caught very elusive. Actually, identity theft is considered one of the most lucrative and “safe” crimes in today’s scenario. This is so because there are immense benefits when you “get a break” and unless the person is very alert and traps the impersonator, it is indeed very difficult to catch such a thief, leave alone prove that they have used the identity of another fraudulently.

This type of a crime should not be considered petty. Rather it should be classified as a monstrous crime and identity theft punishment should be meted accordingly. It is extremely unfair and heartbreaking to have to pay a good part of your income for someone else, with no hope of retribution. It is even more discouraging to know that you might never find out who has done this to you. Lastly, how can you ever clear your name which has been tarnished by someone else’s irresponsible behavior?

The last part is the most serious because without a good credit record, you are doomed to high-interest mortgages and loans, and all other disadvantages that come with bad credit. Look at all the harassment one has to live through. Do you still feel that the present prescribed identity theft punishment is enough?


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