Identity Theft Recovery - Is It Possible?

We have heard a lot about identity theft, and about preventive measures. We also know more or less what we should do when we find that we might be a victim of identity theft. However, the question that keeps popping up in our mind is, how feasible is identity theft recovery, if at all. What happens when one finds out that they have been robbed of their identity? How can they recover their name and how can they get rid of the charges that have been attached to their credit history?

Identity Theft Recovery is Difficult not Impossible

There is one way to get back your name and clear it of any charges attached to it – that is by catching the impersonator and having him/her confess about the crimes committed under your guise. Think of the percentage that describes this possibility and then you will be able to understand whether and under what terms identity theft recovery would be possible.

There are many people who find arrest warrants in their names for crimes committed by identity thieves. It is a Herculean task to prove yourself innocent and it becomes even more difficult to do so when the crimes are very serious such assault, attempt to murder, or murder. In these cases, the possibility of identity theft recovery is very critical.

However, it would take a miracle for the right person to be caught, and that right person to confess (or be proven to have committed the crime under his/her own identity). In these cases identity theft recovery being crucial (as a life-and-death matter), a lot effort is being put forward by the State; however it is very difficult to find the culprit as there are very few traces left by the criminal.

The worst part of this whole affair is that you lose total hope to clear your name and also you will have to be punished for something you have never done, or dreamt of doing. What can be worse than knowing you are going to jail, having your life destroyed by someone who used your name – and you cannot prove it otherwise?

There are futuristic plans of introducing fingerprints, body heat, and/ or other body recognition methods, which will need the person and not a document to activate access to critical information. Till then the only way to stay safe is to be pro-active and alert.

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