Search Records for Information on Identity Theft

Although bank and credit card companies have departments which investigate indicators of fraud, the best way to obtain information on identity theft is through your own diligence. No one cares more about having your identity compromised as much as you and a few extra precautions and just being observant can provide you with early information on identity theft.

People that don’t usually use their credit card that often may notice a significant increase in their balance. However, it’s important to look through the entire billing for information on identity theft. A report of opening a second account may be reason to question the company, especially if it was not opened by you. Chances are that you will be accountable for charges on the account unless you report it in a timely manner.

If a person claiming to be from a financial institution, with which you already conduct business, asks for personal information, offer to visit the local office and give it to them. Do not give it over the phone as they should already have it. Provide this information on identity theft attempt to the institution in question. Whether it’s checking, savings or credit, when you opened the account you would have had to give them all the information they needed.

Look For Signs of Unauthorized Activity

Most people receive their bank and credit card statements monthly and give them a cursory glance before making a payment. You need to look at each charge or debit to determine the authenticity of the charge. If you didn’t make it, bring this information on identity theft to the company’s attention and contact your bank or charge account holder.

If you do not receive your monthly statement, contact your bank. They may provide information on identity theft by telling you the address has been changed. If it’s being sent to an unauthorized address, let them know and take steps to get your account back. A simple address change is easy to accomplish and steps must be initiated by you to correct it.

With computers and the internet, it is possible that someone could obtain your personal information by a variety of means and use it to open all sorts of accounts and you will never have information on identity theft to protect yourself. You can obtain copies of your credit reports which will have that information, and it is suggested you do so on a regular basis.



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