Simple Ways to Prevent Identity Theft: Protect Your Information

The Federal Trade Commission stated that some of the most notorious identity theft comes from disposed trash of credit card or insurance offers. If you do not dispose off your information more properly, there’s a possibility that a thief will fish through your trash gathering private essentials such as your name, address, and other delicates sent in the mail. Protect yourself from these types of thieves by investing in a shredder to crumble the trash in to smaller bits that are harder to read. Besides this, there are many other ways to prevent identity theft.

Safety Deposit Box

Place your social security card, birth certificate, and other vital information in a safety deposit box at your bank. It is very easy to sign up for one of these. They are a great type of security to prevent identity theft because when you go to check it or replace things, etc., there is a bank professional that watches you as you open, check, add, or take things from it. There are many situations where the bank professional will actually need to be there to simultaneously open the box.

Personal Safes

These work much like safety deposit boxes and are also good ways to prevent identity theft. These can be bought at local stores and then hidden someplace in your home. This would give you instant access to your important information. Many of these boxes are also fire retardant and can sustain an allotted amount of impact. These are great features to protect against house fires, lesser categories of hurricanes and tornadoes, and mild earthquakes.

The downside of keeping it in your house would be the fact that, if someone was to break in, the box could possibly be stolen. If this were to happen, then to prevent identity theft, contact your bank, place of employment, Department of Motor Vehicles to make sure they can put holds on your account and track purchases.

Fraudulent Direct Mail

With the age of the World Wide Web, it has become harder for people to prevent identity theft. Identity thieves invest in their craft by creating fraudulent direct mail products to send to potential victims on mailing lists obtained by lead generating companies. The worst of these are the credit card offers that promise low APRs and are not listed on web pages online. You should do thorough research of direct mail offers by calling the supplied number, looking it up online, and checking the U.S. commerce business bank for information.

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